As of January 1, 2024, with more than twelve years of active legal work in the community with Kamber Law, and twenty-three years as counsel in Pennsylvania and New York, we are closing our doors for an exciting new venture.

If you are new client, we appreciate your interest and encourage you to contact your local Bar Association for recommendations for a new attorney.  If you are a current client with no current pending matters, we deeply appreciate your continued interest and will assist you in finding new counsel.


As of 2024, we will be reopening our doors for a new venture:  SESHET FDE.  I have spent the last years, through the pandemic, becoming educated and certified to become a FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINER.  As of this year, SESHET FDE will be unveiled at


A Forensic (or Questioned) Document Examiner is a specialist who studies and renders opinions of questioned handwriting.  Whether it be a challenged signature on a will, a fraudulently executed legal document, a ransom letter, or the appearance of a cut-and-paste alteration in a .pdf, an FDE can:

  • Detect alterations in paper denoting fraud;
  • Authenticate signatures;
  • Evaluate trash marks caused by printers and copies;
  • Determine the authenticity of signed and dated legal documents;
  • Recognize disguised and guided-hand writing;
  • Identify differences in ink usage;
  • Spot falsified signatures;
  • Detect cut-and-pasted additions in a document; and
  • Many other otherwise undetectable types of alterations to a document.

Forensic Document Examination is a scientific and technical skill.   Although there is always a certain amount of interpretation required (as with any science), FDEs have been recognized as legal experts under the federal and state rules on evidence, specifically F.R.E. 702, and may testify in court accordingly.

Once engaged, in addition to testifying as an expert witness, a Forensic (or Questioned) Document Examiner can offer a variety of services to their client or counsel, including formal opinion letters and general trait analysis to assist their client.  FDEs also can authentic signatures and dates for the purposes of legal documents, antique memorabilia, and many other purposes.

As such, within a short time, this site will be redirected to our new business and site:  We also will be changing our phone number, which will be announced shortly.  If you have any questions, please let us know.